General Assistant ( child care , house cleaning )
Supports the family in looking after the children giving domestic support relative to what concerns the children ( wardrobe , nutrition , hygiene , accompaniment ) , light work ( set the table , hang clothes, empty the dishwasher , commissions ) . It has not been specifically trained .
A private household professional chauffeur is responsible for the care , management and maintenance of the home’s cars; its main task is to accompany any member of the family to their respective destination ( place of work, school, shopping , social event , etc. ) .
Caregiver or Dame of Company
The provision of assistance of the co-worker usually depends by specific requirements / needs of the person requesting it; usually they are qualified profiles and professional (sometimes holding a nursing title), able to operate and intervene appropriately so that the assistance takes place in the best way, either of moral or physical support.
Maid or Housekeeper or Governess
Has practical experience in concrete cleaning and maintenance of all surfaces and materials of furniture inside the house; very frequently the requested task is extended to tasks related to the wardrobe of the owners (washing and ironing).
In larger houses and most "important", in addition to performing the functions of personally cleaning the house, also assumes responsibility for the quality of the execution of other works, usually entrusted to the involved cleaners.
The task can be full-time or "part-time". (days and times)
Domestic couple
Usually means a pair of people who are married or living together for some time to be entrusted , in sharing among themselves , the different management responsibilities of a private house ( cooking, cleaning , table service , etc . ) , also for small / medium size ownership and not necessarily of a formal nature .
Private Chef is responsible for the supply of provisions , the care , maintenance and cleaning of the premises of its relevance ( pantry and kitchen ), in addition to the preparation of the menu , usually planned in advance with the householder. In small / medium-sized homes , more informal , it will also be required to manage the preparation of the table and the related service.
Butler or House Manager
For all practical purposes the only Head of the house. He manages and coordinates all the different operations and organizational, usually excluding the kitchen. If does not have its own support staff, he is also involved in supply of provisions and possibly the preparation of the table and the related service. He is often responsible for "etiquette and protocol", the formalities required of the service and in the field of interior decoration.
The nanny has the full responsibility of children and often begins to assist mom since the arrival of the newborn; suitable for all domestic support regarding children, their growth, their primary needs, training and education. Usually has specific preparation and is often required with different mother tongue from the children, to teach them a first foreign language.
Au Pair
Supports and assists the mother, frequently since the arrival of the newborn, especially spending their time exclusively with children, but sharing all the family activities with different family members. However, in addition to the time to devote to their rest, she must have the time needed to attend a language course at a school selected by their employers.
On the Vacancies page click on the title of the position you are interested and if you identify with one or more vacancies suited to your professional experience, send us yourResume (CV) in Word format, if possible with your color photo card. If you feel it appropriate, you can optionally use our Resume (CV) Writing service.
If your Resume (CV) was to our interest, you will be contacted later by our Consultant for:
  • Supporting a first phone conversation, in order to assess that your professional experience in the Home Personnel sector is in line with the vacancy that you have indicated of your interest
  • Schedule a possible first cognitive interview in our offices or via Skype interview if you were abroad or however distant, for a suitable mutual personal knowledge and to check your references.
    At the appointment with our Consultant please remember to bring with you the following documents:
    • Copy of Identity card and/or passport
    • Copy of residence permit (if foreign national)
    • Driver's license (if required)
    • Passport-size photos
  • In case of a positive outcome of the selection and as soon as possible, then you will meet the customer (the potential employer) for a first cognitive interview and to discuss the details of the job offer
  • If it came out a mutual interest, you can start working. At the beginning of the employment relationship is expected a trial period to be agreed between the parties, During this time you and your employer will each evaluate whether your respective expectations will be met.
The Consultant you will meet in a possible first cognitive interview will also assist you in every stage of the selection and he will support you in further contacts with your potential employer.
  • The Home Personnel we are looking at the request of our customers must have an adequate preparation in private and residential service ( in one of the listed treated Profiles by us) and equivalent to at least two consecutive years and recent experience in this field, possibly integrated by achieving one or more specialized certificates
  • You also need to have at least two verifiable references. If you live abroad and cannot get to our offices in person for an interview directly , you will likely be required to provide additional references
  • On the Vacancies page you can find informative Handouts in relation to the specific Regulations in force in Switzerland
  • Our advice to our Candidates is absolutely free, there shall be no outlay and/or the payment of any fee.